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There was a time when developing an app for mobile users meant that you had to develop different applications for iOS and Android. If you wanted your app to be available on the web, you were out of luck. This traditional problem has been solved by cross-platform app development frameworks. These frameworks allow a single codebase to create apps that work on different devices, including iOS, Android and the web. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using cross-platform app development frameworks and show you how to get started!

What is cross platform app development?

Cross-platform app development is just the process of writing code that works across multiple devices like iPhones, laptops and Android tablets.

The hardware and operating systems that run each of these devices expect software code to be written to a particular standard. And these standards are all different.

This might sound like an easy problem to fix, but before the development community turned their attention to building cross-platform frameworks, the code used to write an iOS app was pretty much useless if the app also needed to run on the web.
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Problems with targeting a single device

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